Our System

On Time Delivery

Delivering a program on time is everything for major builders and contractors. And at Byrne Construction Systems, that’s what we do – help builders deliver a program on time with our people, price, procedures and performance.


We believe in employing the right people to deliver the job. People who think, take responsibility seriously and are proud of their work. That’s why we can spend up to two weeks hiring people who take the time and effort to go through our recruitment procedures and our training systems. People who willingly embrace our workplace culture. As a result, we have the best people the construction industry offers. They’re tradespeople or labourers, estimators or office staff who listen and learn and become strong links in our team. Our people make decisions knowing they have the training and support to back them up. We don’t just believe that people are our most important asset, we know our business success relies on it.


Time and Resources – essential knowledge to pricing any job

Our long history in the brick and block laying business gives us the experience to price work correctly. The business systems we’ve developed guarantee that our estimators take-off quantities and man-hours professionally – there’s no guess work, we know our industry, we know our figures and we guarantee reliability and performance. Most of our work comes from repeat business because our major clients know that while price is a determining factor, choosing a sub-contractor who prices the job incorrectly results in higher costs. And no one – builder, sub-contractor, tradesperson or labourer – wants that. Our price is our word.


Our tried and proven systems work. Being sustainable in the construction industry means knowing the best way to plan and deliver a job. We deliver both quality and quantity because we constantly look for ways to improve procedures so clients can meet program schedules. We use work procedures that respect the environment and the health and safety of workers. It takes deep thinking to structure a business around a model that works – and ours does.


We offer innovation and cost-effective solutions whether it’s using tailored engineering designs that save clients big money, on-site management to maintain safe, clean work areas or supplying equipment and people when a builder needs them. Our performance is known industry wide as superior.